Artist Statement
The urban cityscapes address our temporal existence: they represent the material world and all that is worldly while relating to or being limited by time. The scenes they depict are merely millisecond moments within one’s life that often times aren’t given much consideration in our haste to get from point A to point B.

The abandoned gas station/desert works address our temporal state of existence as a physical ruin of a time gone by that remains as a stain upon the desert landscapes along our major highways. When I visit these sites to take reference photographs, I’m always surprised about how haunted they feel–as if the echo of past events still lingers within their walls. They also bring back memories spent traveling these roadways and fueling up, perhaps at these very stations. I think of how my memories, although seemingly real and vivid, have been rewritten within my mind a dozen or more times. Considering that they are the only souvenirs left from my childhood, the fleeting nature of our existence really hits home to me.

Solo Exhibits (selected shows)
November 2015 – Disillusioned Insight, Modified Arts Phoenix AZ
October 2014 – Lost in Transition, Modified Arts Phoenix AZ
April 2014 – Night & Day, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ
October 2014 – Temporal, Modified Arts Phoenix AZ
July 2010 – Urban Footprint, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ
February 2010 – Small Print: Print works, Brand X, Tempe, AZ
April 2009 – No Apologies, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
May 2008 – Wandering Souls, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
May 2007 – Sheltering Sky, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
May 2006 – Believers and Shadows, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
September 2003 – The Emerging Artist Series, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ
June 2002 – Implications of Dreaming, Lux Coffeebar, Phoenix, AZ
February 2001 –  Pearson & Co., Scottsdale, AZ
July 2000 – Norman’s Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
Spring 1997 – Scottsdale Community College Library, Scottsdale, AZ
Spring 1993 – Scottsdale Community College Library, Scottsdale, AZ

Group Exhibits (selected shows)
July 2016 – Urban Life, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
March 2016 – Drawing Lines Across Mediums, Site:Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
October 2015 – Urban Life, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
December 2015 – Structural Discord, Tempe Public Library, Tempe, AZ
October 2015 – Green and Gray, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ
March 2013 – Graphique Noir Exhibition, OCCCA, Santa Anna, CA
May 2012 – Consequences, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
February 2012 – Gothic, OCCCA, Santa Anna, CA
December 2011 – Drawing on Reference, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
May 2010 – Destruct and Rebuild, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
May 2009 – Indoor, Outdoor, Next Door, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ
September 2008 – Rise of Talent: Emerging Art, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ
February 2007 – Modified Arts at Cattle Track Compound, Scottsdale, AZ
October 2005 – Allegory?, Paulina Miller Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
March 2005 – Art Detour Group Show, Paulina Miller Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
November 2004 – Transient Imprint, Paulina Miller Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
September 2004 – Beyond Postmodernism, Paulina Miller Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
April 2004 – Off the Wall Show, Holga’s Artspace, Phoenix, AZ
January 2004 – Herberger Theater Celebrates Visual Arts in Downtown Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
November 2003 – Paulina Miller Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
January 2002 – Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ
November 1999 – Artlink’s 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ

Public Art
1998-1999 – Painted a 400 sq. ft. mural in the Scottsdale Community

College Library, Scottsdale, AZ

1997 – B. F. A. Painting-Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Cum Laude

1996 – Arizona Artist Guild Scholarship
1993 – The Helen Bychinsky Award
1993 – Scottsdale Community College Art Department Honors Award

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